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Lack of Lepers
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AOE-121721 — Codename: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Anomalous Object Entry


Object Severity


Containment Difficulty


Containment Status

Provisional / Episodic

Containment Specifications

AOE-121721 is perceptually relative. Informational containment is assured, with follow-up focused on gaslighting techniques, individual discrediting, and stymieing widespread dissemination of first-hand accounts.

AOE-121721 may be studied via covert video recording if (1) permission is authorized from research management, and (2) the site is properly reconnoitered well in advance, to the approval of a Grade 3 or above tactical containment specialist. Coordination with a local 9–1–1 asset is optional.

AOE-121721–1 instances are not to be interacted with.

AOE-121721–2 has been universally removed from planetary catalogues.


AOE-121721 is an anomaly affecting houses that are the first to be occupied in a suburban development. AOE-121721 is divided into phases of onset. Each lasts approximately 24 hours. The anomaly is partially subjective, only affecting perspectives that are inside the house. AOE-121721 is not detectable by outside observers until Phase 6, and possibly Phase 3 if structural damage occurs.

Anomalous Properties

Phase 1 is defined by anomalous reflections within the windows of the home. These reflections are termed AOE-121721–1. When lighting within the home is brighter than that outside, a reflection of the interior rooms and occupants exists, per standard physics. Occupants visualizing these reflections notice themselves as cadavers. Figures appear anorexic with landmarks of gross anatomy seen prominently through the skin. AOE-121721–1 are never clothed. Nasal cavities are exposed, the lips are receded, and corneas are fully opaque with intraocular blood vessels fragmented, all suggesting extensive decay. AOE-121721–1 instances do not appear in mirrors or other reflective surfaces within the house.

In Phase 2, all entrances and exits to the house are inoperable from the inside. AOE-121721–1 instances break mimicry with their corresponding occupants. Instances are noted to move independently or not at all. They may be seen in a variety of poses or in collapsed states upon the floors. Rarely, instances are seen contorted into positions that are not conducive to natural human anatomy or kinesiology.

Phase 3 is marked by the three-dimensional extension of AOE-121721–1 instances into the spaces immediately outside of the home. While still appearing at and around windows, instances are no longer contained within a two-dimensional reflection, and can interact with solid material outside the home. This typically consists of tapping, scratching, or the rattling of door handles. Instances appear sentient, and will follow an occupant’s course through a room. Numerous iterations of a given AOE-121721–1 instance are noted, and can be seen approaching the home from great distances, or from nearby woods. AOE-121721–1 instances may be felled with firearms or etcetera weaponry. Structural damage during this time is perceptible to outside observers.

In Phase 4, instances vanish.

Phase 5 sees the instances manifest upon all ceilings of the home, typically in a prone position, facing the floor. Manifestation is instantaneous, consists of numerous copies of each instance, and covers the total surface area of all ceilings, including basements and attics. Instances are not active but will occasionally resume non-anomalous physics and fall to the floor.

Phase 6 is demarcated by the sudden disappearance of all AOE-121721–1 instances along with the occupants of the home. These are termed demanifestation events, or DEs. At onset of a DE, all AOE-121721–1 instances simultaneously drop from the ceiling. Demanifestation typically takes place within a fraction of a second once instances touch the floor, as can be seen captured on video footage. No definitive precursors to DEs are known. However, in three occurrences, shoulder-length hair or longer upon occupants gradually inverted in orientation, as if being charged statically. No electromagnetic signatures are evident before, during, or immediately after DEs.

AOE-121721–2 is an exoplanet located at galactic coordinates [DATA REDACTED]. AOE-121721–2 is Earth-like, albeit without surficial water. The terrain of AOE-121721-2 consists of alluvial fans, gradual increases in elevation, and dissected plateaus — the topology mostly resembling foothills. AOE-121721-2 is surfaced entirely by cadavers. These cadavers number in the trillions and exclusively are repetitions of AOE-121721–1 instances.



Lack of Lepers

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