AOE: Anomalous Object Entry

AOE-52222 — Codename: Tintinnabulum

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Anomalous Object Entry

  • AOE-52222
  • Subdesignations: 1 – 10,293

Object Severity

  • Mild
  • Catastrophic (Secondary, Potential, Assumed)

Containment Difficulty

  • Mild
  • Infeasible (Secondary, Potential, Assumed)

Containment Status

  • Contained (Natively)
  • Uncontainable Sequelae (Secondary, Potential, Assumed)

Containment Specifications

Instances of AOE-52222 are inert and informationally camouflaged by their anomalous nature. Under normal circumstances, no additional containment or precautionary education for nearby civilizations is required. Individuals who learn of AOE-52222 instances and who would like to observe them may do so, given their memetic thresholds have been sufficiently augmented. Additional education should be provided for receptive individuals, including the caveat that a majority of their peers will potentially regard any commentary on AOE-52222 instances as insanity.

Though never observed, areas around AOE-52222 could be impacted by immense flooding as a result of sufficient damage to an instance. In such an event, the nearby populated areas are to be considered lost. For this purpose, precautionary efforts regarding mass AOE-52222 education are to be encouraged during times of open warfare, or in the setting of severe kinetic attacks.


AOE-52222 is a diverse collection of large humanoid, winged, and potentially-sapient statues. Instances (given sub-designations as discovered) are immobile, made of concrete with supported portions of underlying spiegeleisen (an impure precursor of steel), and average at heights of over 1500 meters.

While details of their construction are contradictory, indications are present which suggest they are the products of unknown metallurgists and sculpturers. The reinforced concrete as well as the grade of metal suggest manufacture during the late 19th century.

Anomalous Properties

AOE-52222 are regarded as anomalous primarily for their unexplained construction and distribution throughout the Milky Way galaxy. They are found both on and within planets, upon large asteroids, and in one instance (-23), in free orbit around a star.

Within the interior of the instances are a network of capillary-like tunnels that carry copious molten iron. This iron is heated and propelled through the entity in an unknown circuit, and by an unknown mechanism. Also present are natural elements used at various times during the history of iron and steel refinement, which are known to introduce and remove both oxygen and carbon dioxide from molten iron. The functional parallels between this and biological respiration have been noted and, with no other insight into the elements’ supply or method of admixture, is considered sub-clinically anomalous.

A second system of vein-like tunnels within instances contains massive amounts of water. The purpose of this system is unknown.

Instances have strong anti-memetic effects, rendering them invisible to the average observer.

While not the case for all current instances, over time, AOE-52222 predictably become the center of large-scale sociobiological organization, seen in both animalia and in creatures of higher-order sapience. This is particularly true for technologically-evolved metropolises. Civilizations capable of abstract thought and physical construction invariably have a church or other spirituo-religious institution directly beneath the resident AOE-52222. It is not universally agreed upon why or how the entities attract or encourage group establishment. If instances convey a resource or material to biological creatures, it has not been identified.

AOE-52222 instances are completely intangible. This is most often observed when aircraft unaware of the entities would otherwise collide with them, but will occur when any observed matter attempts contact. Biological creatures are capable of traversing or building upon the areas where instances intersect the ground. Birds have uniquely been observed perching en mass upon instances; testing shows these birds acquire AOE-52222’s anti-memetic depth while in contact.

For unknown reasons, instances do not retain intangibility when met with extensive ground fires, heavy artillery, or explosive weaponry, and can be reliably damaged in this fashion. Available data is restricted to processes observed and material shed after instances are damaged.

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