How Multi-Community Predator Agent JackRabbit Fooled SCP, Again

NEWS/OPINION — A month after AdminBright, the community outs another predator from their inner midst. They had no clue, but others did. The only one who learned was the SCP Staff, who got rid of her immediately.

“Anyone who puts up an overly positive front is compensating.” — SariaStuff on Agent Jackrabbit, SCF Discord, May 5, 2022

Who Could Have Wondered?


Agent JackRabbit, aka Jackie, has deleted her Twitter and other social media accounts, and fled the community after current community members, as well as a past victim, discovered & reported her as a known intimidator, manipulator, and predator. It turns out Agent Jackrabbit hops from fandom to fandom in order to dupe gullible people into accepting her.


It is important to note that we cannot take O5 Command, and certainly not the Anti-Harassment Team Log of Bans, at its word. The AHT is notorious for being stingily uninformative about any of their determinations, and gladly deny any presentation of evidence for their decisions in order for those decisions to remain outside criticism or questioning. In contrast to a community that is all-too easily duped into accepting statements with none of the necessary evidence provided here, we simply cannot take the AHT at their word. That evidence came elsewhere.

In an odd twist of irony, it is this blind acceptance of what comes down the bully pulpit of O5, and of other influential speakers in the space, that has caused so much manipulation by bad actors in the community. In this case, we do not need the evidence used by O5 to reach this determination to have understood something was sufficiently awry with Agent Jackrabbit. The indicators were plentiful from the moment she arrived on scene.

5/3/22, SCF Discord
The original posting date of this video was February 11, 2022.

And yet, the community — particularly the SCP Twittersphere — is somewhat gobsmacked by the delayed realization. The revelation that someone who said all the right things, believed all the right beliefs, and who rubbed shoulders with all the right people could be someone with clearly-directed and ulterior motives hit the SCP Twitter community rather hard.


The purpose of this blog post is not to gloat about being correct. Just because someone was right in one predictive instance does not mean they always are, and it doesn’t even guarantee accuracy — a broken clock is correct twice per day. The point of the post is to demonstrate why and how Agent Jackrabbit was, in fact, not good at fooling people. Jackrabbit was very transparent and bad at concealing an ulterior self. Instead, it is the case that the SCP Wiki community is very good at being fooled.

We will take a look into her introduction into the space and trace her development as a personality. We will pay particular attention to the “guerrilla campaign to gain influence”, as it is well-stated in an above Tweet capture.

Finally, we will detail how the community has self-installed blinders in place that were responsible for them being unable to see clearly what others in the community saw in Agent Jackrabbit immediately & accurately. Sadly, it will lastly be demonstrated that the community is not equipped by their own choosing to acquire the honesty with themselves and others that would prevent something like this from occurring again.

The Context

Jackrabbit began her introduction to the community on Twitter in late 2021. She posted numerous selfies in SCP-related cosplay, usually with tactical and steam-punk themes that were well-polished, both in costume and in photo treatment. From there, she would offer things like “birthday gifts” to popular figures in the space, such as djkaktus, tagging them to attract their attention.


Agent Jackrabbit would enact IRL networking with other social media influencers.


She carefully established a transitive, associative methodology of trust in the community.

(source) Note her self-description in this capture as “A hype-beast of ominous positivity.”

The networking targeted other highly commercial influences, such as DrCimmerian, Tanhony, and TheeSherm (Site-42).

Just prior to her ousting as a con artist and liar, she successfully organized and participated in a seemingly fun-loving game of D&D with top SCP authors, including Rounderhouse, djkaktus, and even the far-removed DrGears; the more active of these surely endorsing Agent Jackrabbit to DrGears, who would usually be more cautious and circumspect as to who he associates publicly with, being the father figure of the community.

In her social media production and promotion of this event, we can see her weave her catchlines and seamless association into these popular figures:


She made numerous appearances in the SCP podcast circles, including on Shawn Saxum’s Author Anomalous, the Yurtkast, and others. With her accrued network of influencers around her little finger, she would then leverage that liquidity of social capital to attract more to her pyramid scheme:


This aggressive self-marketing and politicking was an intentional campaign of brand lobbying. But it wasn’t enough to fully don what would later be exposed as a sheep’s clothing. For that, Agent Jackrabbit would need to deploy and execute a much more emotional appeal for herself and her character.

She coupled her bubbly persona with occasional posts of self-depreciation, feigning psychosocial afflictions that were guaranteed to elicit feelings of protection, nurturing, and sympathy from the emotionally and politically primed SCP Twitter community, such as discussing her crippling depression and anxiety. Immediately prior to the aforementioned D&D game, she posted on her Twitter that she had a panic attack, which elicited sympathy from the audience. This was also the case when she suddenly quit the Simply Creative People podcast after one episode, citing a mental breakdown and an inability to manage her daily duties, which we later learned from multiple testimonies, was a lie.


Months later, she would take on an inescapably more time-demanding and entrepreneurial project, SCP Sideshow, with her partner; something she has now been removed from by the rest of the team. I will leave it to the reader to juxtapose the sincerity or lack thereof that her leave from the SCPeople podcast for a more socially lucrative position suggests, this position likely being in the works around the same time. (Her previous co-host of that show had this to say.)

Agent Jackrabbit would also post impossibly generic messages meant to uplift her audience, and feign pseudo-aching platitudes about community love and togetherness:

(source) Agent Jackrabbit receiving a gift from a power user. This is either fake or psychotic; take your pick.
(source) “Discovered” doesn’t have that joyous ring to it anymore.

Revisiting some aghast comments after the reveal of her actual self, we can see how this convinced plenty in the space:

JackRabbit was also an avid shiller who embraced the most degenerate and notoriously suspect aspects of the social media dimension of the SCP Wiki, with a particular emphasis on the authority & significance of upvotes and quantitative metrics.


Jackrabbit was also interested in collecting money from the SCP Wiki community. Her ko-fi account currently shows 118 donations of $3 each (totals to about $350). A link to a personal paypal account was featured as the primary link on her Twitter profile:


Jackrabbit conned a large portion of the SCP Wiki and its social media spaces into believing she was a good person. And yet at the height of her influence, JackRabbit would demonstrate numerous red flags of a parasocial, explicitly manipulative, and inappropriate manner. Take for example her penchant of referring to her audience as “cute cadets”, both in text and in videos:

From the SCPforCORGO fund.

This indicated that her interests were primarily in the ancillary and far-removed aspects of the space. She was not entering into the community for the sake of writing, but of creating secondary, derivative media. This is not a red flag; it is what I do in part and what plenty of highly respectable people do on places like YouTube and other social media platforms.

What differentiated Agent Jackrabbit was that the exercise was completely and totally about herself. There is an idolization to her photographs and themes which uses the SCP material as a stepping stone to personal aggrandizement and attention. This is a perpetual issue in the SCP Wiki that has done uncalculable damage to the space, and is something that prior champions of this Hollywood lifestyle have since decried and all but apologized for; figures like djkaktus.

Also, Agent Jackrabbit had an ace up her sleeve that others in the space didn’t; good looks. Her carefully gathered outfits would delete anterior portions in the garments, to boast a corseted cleavage in pin-up postures.

It is a woman’s right to display cleavage if they so desire. However, there is a concern if someone is utilizing and marketing their sexuality in order to enact a social media guerrilla campaign to a demographic of 15–19 year old males, some younger. This person was attracting attention for the wrong reasons and by the wrong methods. In what will be a difficult amount of hindsight to properly focus, this tactic was bait, obvious, cheap, low, ill-becoming of a person with talent to offer instead, and very fitting for someone who had ulterior motives for the space and the people in it. This was more egregious and apparent than many who would reduce this concern to the thought-arresting tag of “misogyny” would like to realize:

Agent JackRabbit knowingly and tactfully leeched on the major figures of the space to exponent her clout. Like any decent parasite, this went undetected by those major figures, who were manipulated by the flattery.

She was able to successfully deter any suspicion or alarm from the general SCP community by couching the diagnostic signs in her online character:

Agent JackRabbit’s patent psychological instability is painted as character-native, and her audience is self-mocked for being distracted into a fugue-state like stupidity by her lascivious visual tactics.

At some point, JackRabbit posted to the SCP Wiki in order to break ground as an author. She is mainly featured in other articles, both in physical likeness (“modeling”) and in her self-insert, Jacequeline O’Hare (cringe). Typical of the intractiably-naieve SCP Wiki community, her first and only authored article — something that like the original “Milk Jesus” was written and coldposted during and for a podcast, with zero crit applied — was received warmly with abundant praise. In my opinion, the writing is terrible, with amateur capitalization gimmicks to convey emotion that the writing skill should, including a childish ending consisting of four collapsibles, all repeating the phrase “DELETE YOUR LIFE’S WORK? THAT’S A WONDERFUL IDEA!”; something that would make even the worst of Neo-lolFoundation authors nauseated. (While not certain, this emphasis is easily cast as an out-of-universe jibe at pixelatedHarmony, who JackRabbit loved to dislike for no clear reason other than cheap, convincing, community solidarity.)

As if prophetic, or the swats of a cat playing with its mouse, Jackrabbit titled her SCP “Toxic Positivity”.

In a more typical appearance though, Agent O’Hare is simply cast as the eye candy she always lowered herself to be, as in SCP-731-EX. While the relatively lower rating of this might be invoked as counter-evidence to a purely sociological reception for her works and those she is affiliated with (the counter-argument not exactly fine-tuned, as this was not written by her), that this egregious of an extra-character insertion and praise even survived is support enough for my interpretation. This article only existed on the SCP Wiki because it featured Agent O’Hare. The telling context of it being about Valentine’s Day propositions is not lost on anyone with two neurons to recruit. And to make my point, this article SCP-731-EX, has since this scandal been deleted completely.

How Agent Jackrabbit Did This Without Being Detected

There is an encyclopedia to discuss at this point, but any approach to it would simply be too much; the reader would do better to study psychology textbooks on manipulative, histrionic personalities. The reader would be reminded that such personalities remain taught in professional schools of psychology and psychiatry as disorders, per The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5-TR), and have objective signs that trained medical personnel can and should identify, and not be shy about recognizing for the sake of emotional sensitivity, or an aversion to confrontation.

However, there are some elements unique to the SCP Wiki community which enabled her procession into a position of influence and downplayed what were seen as red flags to anyone outside of the belief-mandates requisite to participate in the space.

As said initially, the greatest nidus of community infection by parasites is the demographic’s unwillingness to self-examine or demand a reasonable threshold of evidence and proof before making conclusions. I personally know this very well; I am in the AHT list of bans alongside Agent Jackrabbit and other definitive miscreants such as AdminBright. Nearly everyone in the space of the SCP Wiki and its social media believe without clear evidence or explanation that I doxxed someone, when I haven’t. There has been nothing offered that supports that statement made by O5 about myself, and I reckon because there is no such evidence.

The same unquestioning, herd-like inclination to believe what everyone else believes has done more than just abscess the SCP Wiki in too tunneled, too partisan of a political worldview. It also means that moments and occurrences which would otherwise be cause for pause or even concern are swept away by a current of fear and anxiety over being an independent mind and potentially disagreeing with peers. This is how someone like AdminBright was able to prey upon the userbase for so long with no commentary from those who knew better.

The same is true of Agent Jackrabbit, and strikes like a deafening gong, fast on the heels of what should have been a broken heart’s education in the case of AdminBright; the situations being remarkably similar to the point of almost identical analogy.

Like Bright, the warning signs around Agent Jackrabbit were ubiquitous and undeniable in retrospect, but virtually invisible as long as they were set in a present context of social celebrity and an in-group that punishes dissidents at the slightest misstep with community exclusion and social ostracization.

Unlike with Bright, the SCP Wiki Staff made haste with the right move, and did not let the noise of community fame get in the way of the right thing to do. The SCP Wiki Staff did the most they could do as soon as they could, and they should be congratulated and recognized for what is a massive improvement in this showing. They have a lot of work to do to make their community uninhabitable for people like Agent Jackrabbit.

In what is telling and what should be part of a larger pattern revealing itself by now to even the densest of minds at SCP, Agent JackRabbit despised myself, Harmony, and anyone associated with the Society for Containment Fiction. Why? There is no ostensible reason for this I can point to. There is no indication that she knew who we were prior to her inauguration into the SCP Wiki’s inner circles. It would seem that she was simply told via second and third-hand accounts of the “evils” Harmony and maybe myself had done, and was all too happy to take that to be sufficient proof in order to be included in the glow of the site. That, or she was more nefariously interested in dog-piling the notable “villains” of the community in order to better ingratiate herself into the community’s empathy.

Here is a legally-actionable, libelous Twitter thread that falsely claims the SCF and Confic Magazine is targeting the youth of SCP in order to manipulate them:

The individual has since softened & revised this statement privately. (source)

Agent JackRabbit took the opportunity, like so many influencers with an outsized social media presence, to voice her own opinion of us:

The irony and hypocrisy of these accusations should be apparent by this time. Here, Agent Jackrabbit is disguising the very actions that would soon put her in the same community category as those she was speaking out against and warning of. She was telling others to avoid us and places we frequent because we harass and “doxx” people (despite none of us actually doing so), and it turns out, that’s what she was doing behind the community’s back during this time.

As stated previously, Jackrabbit situated herself as the intermediary between the community’s monetary donations and the Corgo fund (now closed). One might begin to be a bit concerned about her as an organizer, intermediary, and steward to what is now over $6,000 of the community’s donations.

Typical of the SCP’s community, Jackrabbit offered no transparency or accountability protocols for any donated funds. This has been a perpetual blindness of the community as far back as 2014, when the site took donations for obtaining and sustaining a Pro account on WikiDot:

“The reason that previous attempts to take in donations failed spectacularly wasn’t because people are innately against the idea of the site taking in money, it’s because the administration at the time botched the whole “accountability” part of handling money spectacularly. I can dig up the thread if you want, but a lot of people — myself and Clef included — raised a lot of important points about not knowing what the money was going to be used for or how we planned on keeping everything honest, and we were met with only, “relax, trust us, we’ll handle it” as a dismissive hand-wave.

“That’s not only hilariously incompetent, that’s also immensely insulting to the people who were raising the points, and led directly to the entire thing collapsing in on itself… the biggest reason why is because there was no accountability and no plan for the use of that money. For all we knew, it was going straight into the admins’ pockets and no one would know the wiser. I think that a significant number of those individuals could be persuaded if we actually had a plan for where that money was going.

“Secondly, you must explain where the money will be kept, and who will have access to it at any time: “Community funds will be kept in a PayPal Business Account owned by [primary steward] with additional access and control by [secondary admin], [secondary admin], and [secondary admin].” None of this information was provided in the last drive either; only through digging in chat was it made clear that the funds would be going to Mann’s personal PayPal account.

“… I still do not know to this day how much money was raised in the last donation drive, nor how much of it was spent, where it was spent, or how much is left.”

Aelanna, 2014

The astute reader will see this issue repeated and by the same individuals for the #StandwithSCPRU donation campaign that raised over $160,000, and that has failed to provide any receipts or accountability to those funds, how much is left, what was spent where, and who controls the remainder. In this way, the SCP Wiki community leaves itself open to attacks of utter dishonesty in the financial realm; if Agent Jackrabbit was not that person, then another will be. Until the community begins to realize how important and reasonable it is to demand accountability for things like donated funds, it will encourage and ignore anyone parasitizing them for these things in the future.

Similarly, the funds donated to Corgo had to make their way through the community’s trust in Agent Jackrabbit, in order to get to Corgo. This did not sit comfortably with us at the SCF, despite our donation.

We were chastised for merely questioning this too:

We questioned why there weren’t any transparency protocols, or any accountability with a person we didn’t trust; this equates to “assuming the worst”.

As it turns out, the new owners of these donations since Jackrabbit’s expulsion have indicated to us in the SCF that Agent Jackrabbit had potentially misappropriated the donated funds to the point of discrepancy.

It turns out Corgo could subsequently confirm reception of all donations once asked; a close call to be sure. This is something I have been demanding (and demonstrating) to zero heed or admission by the greater community. It is only a matter of time before someone fleeces the entire community in this way.

That aside, the Russo-Ukranian War is one of those things that the whole of the community can and should come together in solidarity over. SCF and Confic Magazine donated to the drive at the initiation and behest of two of our authors — pixelatedHarmony and SaltBlossom — and we became the top donor to the drive; something that we hold to this day. However, this did not sit well with Jackrabbit. Instead of giving us the same thanks as others in these humanitarian circumstances, Jackrabbit deleted the section on the fundraiser homepage that showed who donated the most; one day after we attained the spot. You can read more about that here.

Agent Jackrabbit was proud and happy to spit in our faces for our donation and support, along with the rest of the conmunity:

Does Corgo have Jackrabbit blocked? Who is to say.

What is clear enough is that the community of SCP has an uncritical and near-cult-like character of wholesale de-personing anyone who they find disagreeable or who challenges their viewpoints. Even when the outcast is right. There is no better word for this trait of the SCP community than weakness. As a result, it is something that the wrong kind of someone will exploit.

On the other hand, someone who is discomforting and confrontational, but by the same token, honest enough to call people in the community out for truly awful behavior, to blast past the threat of social damage that others cower before and make compromises with, all to their faces is thus vilified more than someone like Agent Jackrabbit, who did whatever it took to maintain a lie of outward agreeability & friendship, but who was merely playing the part; an entirely different someone once behind those same people’s backs.

When her character was questioned and discussed as somewhat suspect in our Society for Containment Fiction Discord, a neck-deep SCP individual shamed us for saying anything less than glowing about her, and daring to voice opinions contrary to the popularly held beliefs of the community:

When the chips fell and Jackrabbit came up as everything that individuals in this server thought she might be, this same individual from SCP deflected the opportunity to admit wrong and give credence to the community’s ability to think independently or ask pertinent questions:

Additionally, others responded violently, as if defending the in-group member, when faced with the proof that people who are deemed as lepers accurately diagnosed the situation well before it came to a head.

This comment betrays the informational weaknesses that individuals like Jackrabbit count on protecting them from any criticism or questioning. Any notice of the overtly sexual nature of her marketing techniques earns one the undue death knell of a hateful misogynist; the forest is missed for the trees in that the observation is about specific methods of manipulation that are made possible via female attributes, and not about those attributes, or females in general. This is not logical; it is afraid.

Additionally, the influence that something like a Tweet from this account can enact is here limited to its follower count. It is as if the individuals in this space can only think in terms of sheer social clout. The responses perform the havens of un-critical thought that abusers and opportunists like AdminBright and Agent Jackrabbit find a perfect armor in.

In a strange inversion of logic, the same individuals who were preyed upon and betrayed by the falsity of Agent Jackrabbit are the same who will then defend such an actor to the point of the damnation of their political enemies (“go to hell”). Is it any wonder why the community could not see, and truly still does not see, how issues like this take root and thrive?

One should be able to draw attention to someone utilizing something like their body to attract 15–19 year old boys for the wrong reasons without the all-too-easy accusation of being a misogynist. This is cowardly and intellectually dishonest. Yet the fear that people have for being called those terms by their peers, and have their entire social existence obliterated in the character limit of a tweet, petrifies many from thinking independently in the way we allow in our castigated spaces.


The intentions of these sensibilities common to SCP are good, but in practice, it is uglier than outright criticism. It makes members of the community seem to prefer to be spoken to with a fake, plastic smile. Anything but being mean or confrontational, because surely it can only be so for its own, evil sake. It can’t be because people voluntarily can’t see things, or that there are more important things going on than temporarily bruised egos.

The decision to remain emotionally adolescent by members of the SCP community will again and again attract the sort that would prey upon that emotional age. It has made the SCP Wiki and its community unable to address the difficult honesty that it is a breeding ground for abuse and duplicitous people with ulterior motives — that AdminBright was their “fool me once”, and now this their “fool me twice”. The community would rather blind itself to this than admit outsiders are right.

Much of this community’s cult-like character is, if you speak to members with the promise of confidentiality, fear-based. It is a police state. Meaningless mono-term buzzwords are wielded on the hip, ready to be drawn and shot at anyone who expresses an observation that would lead to their honest self-reflection. The community is incapable of free thought, and therefore incapable of utilizing it when they need it. They have, for the prize of a false & tenuous acceptance, religiously designated some spaces of thinking inexpressible; people like Jackrabbit then occupy and fill those spaces in the absense of any lighting.

It is out of a backwards and misplaced sense of ethics then that thought-leaders in the SCP community gleefully ban people for speaking out of line. Everyone subordinate to such a thought-leader in social clout then auto-refuses to listen to anything from anyone labelled an outsider. How is this not a corrupt person’s paradise, especially one who decides who is deemed a villain? This bot-like approach to socialization robs the community of the only ones who have the will or social bravery to ask the most difficult but most important questions.

Criticizing anyone who looks the part and says the right things — things that the SCP community has by their isolationism and club-house mentality set up as a golden political ticket — is a dogmatic sin. How dare you for bringing it up, even. The community blinds itself in order to feel the thinnest sense of togetherness; a false sense of unity, of superficially outward signals; where things as weak as Jackrabbit’s bubblegum sermons, and things as polystyrene as her personality, are right at home.

The occurrence of this event to kick start Pride Month should not be taken lightly. I say this as a bisexual man who is hated in an “inclusive” community for deviant opinions and forward methods of calling people out: if you build a community’s sense of inclusivity upon political gestures, you will create a scenario that is easy for fake people to appear real in. It is a politician’s pig sty. For every person you ban for having different opinions, you open their spot up to an Agent Jackrabbit. The circumstance and vulnerability is not unlike a dishonest someone successfully befriending a church because they carry a Bible and show all outward indications of the religion. The Pride logo atop the site is as much a painted-on target as it is a beacon.

Consider the alternative philosophy of the confic society. There is no “we” there, only individuals. We do not censor any information or collectively plug our individualities into a political bloc. What we do is let people share their opinions, smart or dumb, and crush their balls with our metaphorical foot if they are dumb. Ours is a place where bad ideas come to die.

We will respect that, and we will have integrity with that. It is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from other players in the space. Nobody is beneath having their opinions expressed and nobody is above having those opinions criticized. Ours is not a hugbox or a perpetual purity test.

Our spaces will be heated and make people feel uncomfortable. Without the possibility of discomfort, or that integrity of freed thought, the situation quickly devolves into a lackey presentation, where everybody’s walking on eggshells trying to avoid offending someone, or being very fearful of a sort of instant cancel culture.

It is no wonder Jackie wouldn’t have ever been there.

Luckily, just before she left, an SCP article that cast Agent Jackrabbit as an in-universe model was incidentally serendipitous enough to capture her in a true-to-life form, just prior to the shit hitting the fan:

With love from your new family, Jackie.

This picture, like the face and reputation of a model who here got everything she deserved, is not yet completely erased from the site.

Who would have thought that the kindest-appearing person, the biggest smile, the one who was more overtly sexual, the one who wanted a pet name from her audience, the one who did not interact with the site for the sake of writing, that off-site personality who ingratiated herself into a demographic of teenage boys by posting cleavage-riddled cosplay, and who’s bubbly stage presence was as genuine as a vaseline smile, who eagerly intermediated the fundraising collection of thousands of dollars from the community, who features a PayPal link on her personal Twitter, who quit a show after one episode podcast for being too busy only to start a more self-centered TV show effort after, who would constantly refer to her viewers as “my cute little cadets”, who would overlay questionable slogans over their media such as “manipulate the girls, indoctrinate the boys”, who targeted and buddy-buddied up with any and all major SCP influencers through flattery, who would dangle out participation to her pet project like a carrot then spit venom at someone when they didn’t accept her offer to join, who was part of the rabble when AdminBright was ousted as a predator describing how creepy he was with her, who threw stones at better people, and who blocked myself and the community I’m involved in because some of us could sniff her out as a wolf in sheep’s clothing… who would have thought that this person would rug-pull the community and immediately run away in a flash-bang once discovered for who she is?

Who would have thought that the thinnest persona of outward community solidarity was just a flimsy veil for the most rotten and exclusionary type of personality? That the people preaching tolerance are the most intolerant; those preaching togetherness and love are the most hateful; that those who deploy transparent guerrilla style social campaigns to gain notoriety are the type who might leverage it into abuse; that those who are the weakest cannot accept or deal with rejection in the slightest; the those proclaiming the loudest to be doing everything for the heart and good of the community are venomous snakes; that those most aggressively nice while on stage would be so utterly cruel when the cameras shut off?

The real lesson of not just how and why this happened, but how and why this continues to happen, can be taken from a once-associate of this individual:

“But I noticed how the community started reacting to me. People who were excited about the show suddenly pretended like I didn’t exist, like Simply Creative People didn’t exist. They either didn’t respond to me or just refused to promote the show. Not that I expected that of anyone necessarily, but a bunch of people that were going to give advice on growing the show or try to help promote it didn’t because of things Jackie was saying.”

“And beyond that, I noticed how suddenly, I was ostracized and ignored in the community in general. Suddenly discord servers that were places I had been for years weren’t very inviting anymore… suddenly people on twitter I used to engage with didn’t speak to me any more.”

“Jackie had seemingly turned the whole world against me.”

“ I have kept quiet about all this for fear of reprisal. For fear of having my reputation even more hurt. Honestly, writing for the wiki and making the podcast are so important to me. They are my one creative outlet. And the idea of losing those things made me so scared, I didn’t say anything.”

“All I can hope is that people who were told such heinous lies might assess me on the basis of my actual behavior and not the lies of this toxic liar.”

Speak up. Do not be afraid. There are those who would welcome you still. You will be the better for it, and so will your community. Damn your fears for your own egos and where you will end up; even the most wind-scattered seed can find the right soil and flourish into a forest.

Sometimes, the people who you have pushed to the outskirts of your community are there because certain people badly want them there. Sometimes still, they are the first to sound the proximity alarms.

Whether you can bring yourself to accept it for the sake of your vulnerable users, or not.

Ⓒ Lack of Lepers



Separation of confic and state. The SCP Foundation Wiki’s most dedicated and hated critic. Co-founder @ Confic Magazine LLC.

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Lack of Lepers

Lack of Lepers

Separation of confic and state. The SCP Foundation Wiki’s most dedicated and hated critic. Co-founder @ Confic Magazine LLC.