SCP Staff Urinate on Userbase’s Leg, Claims It’s Raining

NEWS/OPINION — Just how long can the endless stream of piss poor excuses last?

The Charter rewrite is unnecessary. How does it benefit the users or the Wiki on the whole? Why does the Charter’s state of disrepair encourage the conclusion that its ultimate ineffectualness must be repeated? Why doesn’t it instead suggest its deprioritization? The rewrite is by the Staff, of the Staff, and for the Staff. They continue to congregate around impotent tasks — never-ending mandates they give to themselves — that are orders of magnitude less important than things which would directly benefit their users and the Wiki; things like Project Foundation, resolving their underage user policy ambiguity, or demonstrating social and judicial equality with the subclass of users who they should answer to (the people). In short, they are most capable of upholding slowly reeled-out promises, long made, only to cut the string. They didn’t enact a policy memorandum and issue an all-hands-on-deck for those tasks. These happened only when it came to issues hoarded, and exclusively walled up in the deaf confines of their ivory tower. Instead of truly assess the need, they will count this misguided direction as potentially curative to their woes; it is the only direction in which they are reinforced, their insecurity over their superfluousness quelled.Having escaped the noose once, the SCP Wiki Staff are slowly setting their necks back in as a matter of habitual posture.

The following is a list of all the policy proposals and changes that have taken place since Dexanote et al. promised he & DrEverettMann would be censured for power abuse. Some of these are assured by Staff members to be necessary before such a censure can take place, and yet their unenergetic threads sag into incompleteness, that assumption clearly as disbanded as the efforts themselves. Some of these threads are posited by Dexanote or DrEverettMann themselves:

  1. [Discussion] Junior Staff posting on 05Command
  2. Anonymous Publishing of Articles
  3. [Discussion] Required Vice-Captainship
  4. [Discussion] Open Graph Meta Tags
  5. [Discussion] Defining Captainship
  6. [Discussion] Promotions Proposal
  7. [Discussion] Mainsite Policy Discussion
  8. Anonymous Publishing of Articles 2
  9. [Discussion] Staffchat Recap Team
  10. [Discussion] Disc/Non-Disc Thread Summary Posts
  11. [Discussion] Art Restructuring Proposal
  12. Discussion — Unarchival
  13. [Discussion] — Interwiki Sidebar Replacement
  14. [Discussion] — What is vice-captaincy?
  15. [Team Restructuring] Published Works Review and Discussion (PWRD) Team
  16. [Discussion] Raising Tag Consideration Minimums
  17. [Discussion] Junior Staff Promotions Reform
  18. [Discussion] — Changing the 914 Guidelines from Essay to Guide
  19. [Discussion] Amending Image Use Policy
  20. [Discussion] Regarding SCP-DISC-J
  21. Vote of No Confidence Proposal
  22. Ending the Archival Process
  23. Archiving the Logins Fix Guide
  24. Age Unraising Proposal
  25. Tag Request Thread Rework II
  26. [Discussion] — Reworking the Guide Hub into a Required Reading Hub
  27. [Discussion] Refreshing the Comprehensive Guide Hub
  28. [Discussion] — Archiving the Swamp Critter Roster
  29. [Discussion] Ditching slot reservations
  30. [Discussion] Navigational Redesign
  31. [Discussion] Joint Statement re: Miscommunication and On Censure
  32. [DISCUSSION] Policy on studies involving the SCP Wiki
  33. [Discussion] Quorum
  34. [Discussion] Site Charter ‘Rewrite’ vs ‘Review’
  35. [Discussion] How to Contribute Rewrite
  36. [Discussion] Administrative Fiat
  37. [Disussion] What Newbies Should Know
  38. [Discussion] Celebrating Diversity on Site
  39. [Discussion] Frequently Asked Question Review and Rewrite
  40. [Discussion] Splitting an Essay Hub off from the Guide Hub
  41. [Discussion] Disciplinary Process Exception for current cases involving the November 2020 Incident
  42. Creation of a New Tagging Workbench
  43. [DISCUSSION] Revamp of the Secure Facilities Locations Page
  44. [Discussion] The State of -ARC
  45. [Discussion] Frequently Asked Questions Update
  46. [Discussion] HTTPS Conversion Guide
  47. [DISCUSSION] The future of plagiarism policy
  48. [Discussion] Web Archiving Images
  49. [DISCUSSION] Removing SCP-173’s Image, Untitled 2004
  50. [DISCUSSION] Culling Staffchat Casual Chats
  51. Charter Edit Vote Requirements
  52. [Discussion] Contest Archive Update
  53. [DISCUSSION] 404 Page Rewrite
  54. [Discussion] Body Font and Header Font Change
  55. [DISCUSSION] SCP-1000 Contest Hub
  56. [DISCUSSION] — Staffcord Channel Creation
  57. [DISCUSSION] Staffcord Staff Discussion Overhaul
  58. [Discussion] The SCP Sandbox Joining Process
  59. [Discussion] About the SCP Foundation Update
  60. [Discussion] — Charter Overhaul Skeleton
  61. [Discussion] The Guide for Newcomers Rewrite
  62. [Discussion] — Charter Overhaul Skeleton II: Electric Boogaloo

19 of these have corresponding voting threads that were participated in and that saw resolution. At no point during this time were policy proposals halted due to a perceived need to enact the censures. Such a thing only occurred around #56, and for the total Charter rewrite.

Does it seem as though the Staff is very interested in enacting Dexanote/DrEverettMann’s censure? Does the concern seem dire?

In the same time, 75 user disciplinary cases have been started, discussed, and reached resolution, and all efficiently. Dexanote has created/presided over 5 of those cases; DrMann 1.

Does it seem as though the Staff cares about their own power abuse?

In October 2021, just shy of one year after the Cerastes Incident, TheDeadlyMoose indicated that they recommended no progress be made on the censures “until a detailed review of the disciplinary policy is carried out, so that issues and obligations are understood in full.” Also in that month, thedeadlymoose opened a thread for questions regarding the process for disciplinary action against staff members, and about the fiat process, noting that “both of these topics are being investigated by the Disciplinary team and Admins, which is delaying the censure vote for Dexanote and DrEverettMann.” Dexanote, when speaking about his own fallback ability to censure himself, noted that “Disc is not empowered to decide whether it pursues action,” and that it is “constrained by the charter and by the administration.” Zyn, in response to being asked why the censure was later still delayed, wrote that there was “discussion happening about revising the staff disciplinary process in general”.

In response to increased pressure for results, Moose aimed to “finish this disciplinary / fiat review within a week”, buttressing themselves with a fall back option of two weeks in case this is infeasible. A day later, Moose writes that “not a ton of progress” has been made, due to all the admins being busy. Instead, a 2.5k word essay on the difference between “purview” and “responsibility” is posted. Next comes a 1k-word dissertation on an interpretation of “Dexanote’s motivation during the November 2020 incident”. After, it is an hour-long typing storm (~2.5k words) about the differentiation between “fiat” and “staff acclamation”.

By November, Moose reverses course and states that Fiat concerns are “no longer currently a blocker” to censure. This is despite any resolution seen in the dedicated O5 threads or elsewhere. An “independent policy project” is next announced as in the way, and this is said to be completable in one to two weeks.

At the end of the month, a thread is created to gauge interest in speeding up the process. This post states that the current (slow) way would “take weeks at minimum, and due to holidays, will likely finish after the new year”. The fast option, if voted upon, would see “Disciplinary vote threads for Dexanote and/or Mann (as indicated by staff consensus)” and that if this route is taken, “there are no hard blockers to going forward with this now, so it is viable.” It also stated that “This is much faster and may be a relief to a number of staff and community members… would remove the issue from hanging over everyone’s heads… would help restore the ability of the Disciplinary Team to conduct its business and trust in administration… and would prevent this particular disciplinary process from significantly exceeding one year, which was an egregious error on the part of administration, which (with staff permission), we would like to quickly resolve.”

Another update on December 4, 2021 (prompted by other Staff) stated “TheDeadlyMoose is busy but should be able to finish drafting today and post tomorrow.”

The January 2022 Recaps note another request for an update (again, bidden), which is met with a promise to update in 24 hours. This update repeats the clear decision made by the collective staff in the aforementioned vote thread (“We were going to go with option 2 as the clear consensus…”) but notes that tweaks need to be made, and so a new vote needs to be written and posted. The reply states also that in discussing the details of the options provided, a third was discovered (“Simultaneously censure immediately and investigate the policy in detail” instead of just one or the other). The inability to discover this third option at any time prior is attributed to “miscommunications”. The location of the conversation for this new vote cannot be supplied and it is said to be “on hold” due to IRL complications (“aismallard reiterates that thedeadlymoose being busy has halted the process temporarily”).

Now, a complete policy pause has been agreed upon so that the entire Charter can be rewritten in full. Unspoken is that this needs to take place before the censures can be enacted, and forgotten by almost everyone is that we are waiting on another vote to be drafted & take place (stalled) before the agreed-upon “fast-track” censure can happen. That is impossible due to the policy pause.

Does it seem steps are being added in the right direction, or is the space between the now and a censure being bloated artificially by nonsense, intentionally or not?

The Cerastes Incident created a huge dustup. It resulted in two staff-wide meetings, two official statements on O5, multiple follow-up threads on aspects of the promised disciplinary action, the creation of Admin-Captain Chat Recaps, and the creation and implementation of Staffchat Recaps. It was a large part of the discontent of the 2021 Town Hall meetings, these a new bureaucratic instrument themselves, and was the spearpoint of community outrage that pushed the SCP Wiki Staff in a corner, one which they Staffspoke & promised their way out of desperately.

It is easy to see (or hear) why; Admins Dexanote and DrMagnus colluded to attempt the character assassination of an SCP Wiki user, author, and fellow Staff member out of petty spite, and with absolutely zero evidence or reason to do so besides naked jealousy over an upvote race for some lore that no one could claim as their own. Master Administrator, head of Anti-Harassment, and de facto Staff CEO DrEverettMann endorsed the attempt and is implicated as well, but his known distance to the day-to-day activities of the site and Staff reduce this to a glorified clerical error on his part (not a trivial one though). This was perhaps the most blatant power abuse and attempted overreach in the history of SCP Wiki Staff’s scabby underbelly.

The consensus offender holding the bags at the scene was long-time Admin and politically embattled user Dexanote; however, user DrMagnus was the real perpetrator. But Magnus — a total coward (I chose a politically correct term there)— fled the scene on “unrelated” notes, and thus is tactically well out of the long-term memory of most everyone by now… even despite him being fiat’d back into a position of some power only a short time later. Someone had to take the fall. If it wasn’t going to be Magnus, that lowlife excuse of a leader, then someone else would; someone who enabled his actions and endorsed them without question and with the full weight of the Disciplinary Team’s attention and firepower (twice, after failing once). The userbase was in an outrage & calling for justice.

So as a result of the Town Halls, Dexanote endorsed a self-censure some months later. This was not remorse; it was a delayed placation of last-resort. Censure is a temporary removal from responsibilities, so is in effect a mandatory vacation from Staff duty; a stint in the time-out corner with the dunce hat on, at worst. Outside of the in-group dynamics, it is a slap-on-the-wrist punishment that has zero greater effect or meaning to the average user. Within the sick, sad, little world of the SCP Wiki Staff, is most like wearing a scarlet “A”; it can be foreboding and damning internally due to the religious nature of one’s peers.

In the attempt to find a way to enact the censure of Dexanote (and DrEverettMann to a lesser extent), bureaucratic pandemonium was unleashed. The word “censure” appears 92 times in the October 2021 Recaps and dominates four topics there (“Censure”, “Censure Delay”, “Volatile Comments on Joint Statements”, “Staff Disciplinary Process & Fiat Questions”); 8 in September 2021 (“Vote of No Confidence” I & II); 8 times in November 2021 (“Dexanote Recusal Fiat”, “-ES Incident”, “November 2020 Incident and Fiat Update”, “Intrastaff Affirmation & Accountability”); and once in the January 2022 Recaps (“Disciplinary Exception Update”).

There is no concise way to capture just how many claims have been made by Staff about their intentions to complete the necessary steps for censure. Countless other statements and promises have been made in the Recaps, many of them reneged upon or contradicted later. The censure has been delayed by several policy investigations, overhauls, and/or discussions, such as an overhaul of Admin Fiat (thread subtitle: “Here we go again.”) This thread was abandoned by its OP a few weeks in, stating:

“Quick update: I temporarily switched away from this project to another core aspect of the Disciplinary procedure for Dexanote & DrMann, which took quite a chunk of time. I expect an update on that will go live soon. I will return to this project in the coming week. EDIT: Just kidding, my week got eaten. We are now on the week for 11/28/21 and I intend to get back to this later this week unless censure-related issues interfere.”

It has since been untouched. For all the clamoring beforehand that this must be done prior to any punishment, it seems very easily cast aside as incomplete.

For a cluster of on-the-ground examples of such procedurally-generated delays, see this text from the Confic Wiki article on The Cerastes Incident:

The loss of an administrator was felt by Dexanote and DrEverettMann[65] to be enough of a institutional hinderance to postpone their self-censure. Additionally, an unprecedented event happened shortly after DrMagnus resigned (see The 2021 Death of the Author), which in the words of Dexanote “hamstrung administration, forcing multiple into extended leaves through the sheer mental and emotional devastation that came from the event.”[66] The censure was delayed further under the justification of this crisis and of staff shortage, with numerous administrative tasks infeasible, were the censures to then take place.[67] The inability of the Disciplinary Team and administrators to address the censures since this time is partially blamed on a steady stream of crises.[68]

The stream of excuses for the delay is endless. For some reason, although Admins had been censured prior (and by Dexanote) and for much lighter wrongs, this time it was impossible; apparently because Dexanote was the head of the Disciplinary Team. From the October 2021 Recaps:

Moose then explains how, as someone who does not participate in Disc and whose role is to advise admins overall, they advised Dexanote to recuse himself, not self-censure, and allow for Disc to assess the situation for him. Disc then assessed that they could not censure due to general confusion, and because Dexanote was receiving personal abuse.

There has since been so much bureaucratic kicking of the can down the road, so much evasion of this enactment that it might surprise readers to recall that the Cerastes Incident was in late 2020, and that Dexanote first publicly promised to be censured for his official crimes in mid 2021.

The inability for Dexanote to be the subject of what is typically swift and routine discipline at the hand of the Staff is telling. There is an abundance of irony in that censure was the lightest of punishments that Cerastes was facing for doing nothing more wrong than those higher up did. Also that it was something that would have been enacted immediately, given a simple Staff vote; which many on Staff clamored for, even after their baselessness for the motion had been revealed.

Over time, the justification for this inability has been completely disfigured. Obscured in a web of lies, only the most jagged and mangled portions of it are now visible. As it were, these portions are the easiest marks for Staff’s self-serving double standards; we’ll now look at them in detail.

Most recent in memory is the repeated questioning in the provided monthly Staff Chat Recaps by lower Staff members to higher Staff regarding the “progress” of Dexanote’s censure. User and Staffer Rounderhouse is usually the only one who attempts to remind anyone that this has yet to be done; even then, he is in these instances only knocking on the door to politely ask if they are dressed yet (to which the answer is always “no, come back later”). There is no greater accountability or forcefulness over this issue than this, despite it being a clear priority for Staff and their image to the userbase as untrustworthy and nepotistic.

From the October 2021 Recaps:

Moose believes that accelerating the censure process [for Dexanote and DrMann] would solve no problems beyond sating calls for blood, and further that all arguments for this have been personal. ROUNDERHOUSE clarifies that… the censure is not just an acknowledgement of fucking up but is an acknowledgement of allowing an admin/Disc member to abuse their power for a personal grudge, and that a desire for accountability and accepting mistakes being equated with looking for blood is what has led to staff’s unwillingness to enact certain changes.

The censure and its promise has become a game of slowly bleeding out the clock until no one remembers why it was a concern in the first place. For example, there was a fairly recent O5 Command post by Administrator aismallard who, along with thedeadlymoose and at their behest, asks if the Staff would like to expedite the official and policy side of the situation in order to have the censure enacted quicker (, “[Discussion] Disciplinary Process Exception for current cases involving the November 2020 Incident”).

Many other Staff members felt that the delay in Dexanote’s censure was sending very poor optics messages that comprehensively contradicted the promises made to calm the userbase in the Town Halls; perennial issues about how higher Staff members didn’t have to face the same rules & discipline that were a certainty for common users. This vote to accelerate the disciplinary process was met by a unanimous reply to censure Dexanote. In other words, there was no need to place the overhaul of all policies in the way and as a requisite.

Prior to this, Moose can be seen in the October 2021 Recaps lamenting that no one has provided any evidence that this is seen as a pressing issue:

Moose expresses frustration that they have not received evidence that censuring Dexanote is a high priority outside of the views of “a few JS and non-staff.” They say they haven’t seen evidence that censure would actually resolve the issues these users have with the Wiki’s staff.

It seems as though the lack of evidence was because the question was suppressed.

ROUNDERHOUSE returns to this later as the first priority in addressing the issues of Disc and admins because the open wound of the censures is a major source of damage to staff’s public image. Pedagon agrees and adds that the incomplete censures are pointed to as evidence of staff being untrustworthy.

Even by then, the web’s wrapping can be seen covering important portions. The question of why or how this particular punishment was slowed to the pace of molasses in the first place was parked, left to be forgotten. And since, so too has what should have been the follow-up action to the unanimous vote; no further steps have been made to carry through this vote. And now, the whole point of the vote has been forgotten, and we are now looking at the total renovation of all policy eclipsing the disciplinary action anyway.

That vote to expedite the disciplinary process, so that action could be taken, was in November 2021. The January 2022 recaps show that the upper Staff had to be prodded for even an update after the unanimous vote. Some acceleration. A quote from my own detailed coverage of this issue back in October 2021, unchanged, will show just how evergreen the futility and stagnation surrounding this promise is:

Dexanote is being protected by the system he utilized to enact abuse. What we are witnessing occur in this massive bureaucracy is it trying to lick its own ear, and the obsessive compulsion that it must do so before it can conclude anything about that ear. This is what’s keeping everything in a spin, preventing anything from moving forward. No real motion is taking place here. Moose is the jingling keys, whether intentional or not, dangled over the rest of the Staff and userbase regarding this issue. The sheer amount of rationalizing around why the censure delay is its own commentary on why it is a problem that he isn’t censured already.

Our next marker shows clearly that Staff haven’t changed a damn thing since the Town Halls. It was stated in past Recaps that all other Admins were too busy to occupy themselves with the details of the censure and what it would cost, in time and energy, to see it through. The number of available Admins has doubled since the Cerastes Incident and nothing has changed.

While Admin aismallard was partially involved, it was Moose, always on the periphery as a reserve Admin and able to help out when needed, who explicitly took it upon themself to pilot the necessary steps to see the censure of Dexanote be undertaken. (Based on the wide variety of excuses given, this could be everything from solving people’s IRL problems, to hiring more Staff, to, again, microscopically analyzing every letter of the Charter and policy edifice.)

Yet in January 2022 Recap, when asked about the situation and its status, moose reports that IRL issues have prevented them from making any progress.

“The only blocker is that moose was pulled away to deal with some irl matters, the threads aren’t particularly complicated to make so it will happen soon once the necessary people are around.”

aismallard seems to be absent from the task as well, except for communicating other people’s excuses for them. So who is working on this now? It seems that nobody is. Readers will be reminded (see above image) that it was initially ManyMeats who was initiating the Charter Rewrite; something and someone unrelated to the Dexanote censure. Now, it has been subsumed, engulfed, absorbed by the ongoing effort to supply impediments to it, all loose threads prior to these theatrics neatly tied up in the manufactured and inauthentic need to overhaul all policy. Wasn’t this the whole point of the disciplinary exception and acceleration vote? (Maybe this “exception” was of an altogether different sort?) Wasn’t this decided to be unnecessary? Why has the unanimous statement to avoid this been forgotten, and so easily? Is there anyone on the Staff even remotely aware of this?

Even now, in the thread requesting a pause of all other policy work, and in the threads regarding the Charter Rewrite, the necessity for it is not questioned. Neither are the events that led up to this point recalled. It’s onto the next Current Thing, for its own sake; it’s speaking for no better purpose than to ensure that the lungs can still push out air.

And who remembers enough to be as outraged as during the Town Halls, given that no promises have been upheld, and a lack of any change is as clear as day?

And so it has been, over and over. This is a strategy of distraction; a technicality of self-denial by way of leveraging people’s inexperience & inability to juggle all the moving parts. Most people by now do not remember why Dexanote was ever facing censure, or why it is upsetting and culturally important that he has faced no reckoning for weaponizing the disciplinary process for his buddy’s petty jealousy. (Again, DrMagnus has been completely absolved by a pseudo- statute of limitations by now; the userbase has basically been administered an amnestic.)

This is a dangerous game; the userbase was paying attention during the initial offense, during the Cerastes Incident, and the Staff payed for it in political heat and sweat. They escaped with their lives and a reminder that they work for the people; they have bosses (you). The same people of the SCP Wiki community can see just how reluctant the ruling class is to punish itself, when they should be more accountable for more mere things; not unaccountable for worse ones.

That brings us to the now where Staff’s perpetual delay of self-applied disciplinary action for a concerning power abuse is so blatant, so out in the open and unconcerned with any sort of optical makeup, it is now beyond the pale.

The administration has suggested and voted on a complete memorandum of all policy proposals (something usually spilling out of them like diarrhea from a prolapsed anus) until the Charter is rewritten completely from the ground up. The Charter rewrite has been hitched on, as an act of piety, to lend a moral and procedural gravitas to what is essentially a selfish and cowardly evasion of both responsibility and bad PR. To add insult to injury, Dexanote himself is now part of the committee to rewrite the Charter!

This flies in the face of a theoretical censure. Only a few months ago, Admin aismallard publicly recused Dexanote from participating in his own censure process, and now he is getting to reword the bases of that process that the Staff wants to claim stands in the way! The optics are arranged to communicate that it’s almost as if Dexanote knowingly weaponized the Disciplinary Team against a friend’s personal enemy because the policy against doing so wasn’t stated clearly enough!

We can drop the pretense of intelligence projected frantically by Staff. Your intuition is correct and is all you need to know; what you are witnessing is a disingenuous inability to collapse the political classes into the lightest of justices. There remains a stark divide between the members of the SCP Wiki Staff and the every-user, and it is wider than ever. Not only can an Admin abuse their power openly, use it to try and baselessly ruin the character and reputation of a political enemy (not to mention deny the site an SCP-001 that would otherwise be up), self-admit the error, call for their own punishment (a slap on the wrist, but principal still applies), and then utilize the nepotism and bureaucracy constructed around them to perpetually absolve themselves from any fair treatment.

The Staff are either so insecure, so afraid, or so optimistic that they are exempt from their own draconian set of behavioral rules that it will take another Town Hall-level eruption of discord to slap them into shape again. They have willed themselves into ineptitude and an endemic idiocy in order to preserve their positions and perceived necessity.

Whether the larger userbase will wake up to this is their gamble. So far, it is paying off. But this is a strategy filled with hubris; this all done in plain sight, clear to anyone with the attention span and suspicion that Staff are characteristically resistant to honesty, despite all their window dressing. It’s the most insulting slap to the face possible to the very community that the Staff are supposedly bettering and protecting. The Staff are content to string any users who remain with a sustained memory and attention through a convoluted process of red tape & alarm fatigue until they no longer remember the details, or care to. The delay of the most routine of punishments for the ruling class can now be kept alive seemingly forever purely through the furious effort of numerous flapping lips. It is now a pure confidence scam.

It is in overt demonstration that the SCP Wiki Staff does not exist for the users. It does not exist for the good of the site. It has nothing to do with writing containment fiction. Are the users being asked to help rewrite the Charter? Are their opinions and say being asked for? No. Despite the tumultuousness and turmoil of the 2021 Town Halls, Staff is increasingly a Mount Olympus where those who make the rules cushion themselves in sovereign immunity.

The politically connected are the ruling class.

Furthermore, they will not take the highroad with a better person; they will expect them to be a saint while they are sinners. They hold the average user up to an unreasonable standard and their side gets away with worse. For the average user, hidden dog-whistles that demand punishment are everywhere; for the Staff member, the self-aware & actual use of a Nazi-adjacent symbol is defended to an idiotic extreme and memory-holed.

I am the only individual (that I can see, and I am paying attention) who is still paying attention to this. Why? Isn’t this a silly thing to be so upset over? Does the “sovereign immunity” of the Staff of some writing site really matter this much? No, it doesn’t. But that is not why, and never has been why, I write in this way, about these things.

The same type of person who abscess themselves in a “prestigious” position at the SCP Wiki Staff is the same type of person who will do so in your local and global government. The same corruptions that they submit to an impossible course of requisite motion are the same ones lied about by omission and memory-holed IRL. The motions taken by these individuals is a case study; a microcosm of real corruption that happens in identical form, only larger and with more consequence for more people. The political missteps and dishonesty of the SCP Wiki Staff is a 1:1000 replica of how people are taking advantage of people’s ignorance and cultural ADHD to worsen their quality of life and — like a writing site gone woke — bend everything towards their own benefit.

Like any such larger example of political corruption in the real world, the SCP Wiki Staff members pound their chest, jawbone all day, but have no real action or results to speak of or to see when it comes to righting any wrongs, no matter how obvious; whether mild or egregious. They talk a big game, because they are politicians; when it comes to the fight, they bring peashooters and shoot with their eyes closed. They are not serious about this. They are not doing any of this — the Charter rewrite included — for anyone’s benefit but their own. They have a different set of rules. The “ruling class” has never been a more accurate moniker.

I get deep into this because no one else does. And you know what the reaction of Staff is to a project like this blog, like Confic Wiki, like Confic Magazine? “You’re out to get us.” That’s an impressive amount of guilt and insecurity, but no, we are interested in more than that. But yes, part of my reply — the one relegated to this blog — is “You’ve hidden and fled for long enough now.”

The tactics that the SCP Wiki Staff latch onto will work as long as the audience they are duping remains ignorant, their capability for independent thought buried in peer pressure and the threat of being outcast. That’s why my prerogative is to educate regarding these things. It is also why their’s is to silence and censor things like this blog. I am attempting to coach a generation of writers how to identify, set into words, and call out loudly the sort of corruption that will destroy the good things in their loves and lives. It’s easy to prove my case because these people are so high on hubris and self-gratification.

Administering the bad tasting medicine together is how we get through this any way besides a total biblical-style flood (e.g. the total collapse of WikiDot). Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage; any meaningful response will be others’ doing, not mine.

Even so, there’s coming a tipping point. We are on a precipice, and so are Staff. So is all of containment fiction. Every person banned for thin reasons, everyone alienated by unrelenting political partisanship, everyone silenced for dissent & criticism, is massaging the slothful ruling class into a stupor, and populating the ground around them with their enemies. Because it has worked in the past, in an environment where they were the soul disseminator of opinion and information in the space, they continue to do it and stick to that playbook.

Now, they are in the habit of over-playing their hand. Hubris always causes the sort of individual deaf to it to fall, when they do. Hubris convinces itself that the moment of defeat is the passing out, and not the moment the opponent has the head lock. Hubris is the root of every scandal that we have seen in the SCP Wiki and its Staff at least over the last four years. Hubris is again what we see in front of us with this Charter rewrite as a road-block to the ruling class being held accountable for their wrongs; and the belief that this is fooling anyone paying attention.

Hubris is how you lose.



Separation of confic and state. The SCP Foundation Wiki’s most dedicated and hated critic. Co-founder @ Confic Magazine LLC.

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Lack of Lepers

Lack of Lepers

Separation of confic and state. The SCP Foundation Wiki’s most dedicated and hated critic. Co-founder @ Confic Magazine LLC.